Unger Co. is the sole importer to North America for Package Nakazawa, a major Japanese manufacturer of packaging items for bakeries, candy stores and similar specialty shops. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of confectionery supplies and products that are not only beautiful, but easy to use. Customize with your name, minimum 1 case on many items.

Copyright 2013 Package Nakazawa, The Unger Co.
One Color Hot Stamp (not avaiable in 2 color)
Minimum Order: 1 Case
Plate Charge: With Artwork Provided. One Time Charge.
Set up Charge: None
Unit Price Per Box: Print price per each box for initial and reorder Hot Stamped items.
(Price per box is based on size of plate being used, not size or type of box).

Run & Ship. No Split Shipments.

If Stock Order Cut-Off Date for a container leaving on the 24th is: 15th of every mo.
Then: Order and Artwork to Unger Cut-Off Date: 15th of prior mo. (extra 30 Days)
Signed Proof Cut-Off Date: 1st of every mo. (extra 15 Days)
Reorder Cut-Off Date: 5th of every mo. (extra 10 days)

Item #'s : When our customer places an order, PN will assign a plate #. This # must be present in order #.
Example: PN-OPL-PIN-5-Plate#-(our customer# must go at end)
Only Larger Size Products available for Hot Stamp (see PN Product available for Hot Stamp)
RS - 6 and larger
NCG- 9 and larger
VA & DOM Series
PL Series (not PLS)
All Hand, OTB and Open Hand Boxes
All Cake Boxes- with and without tray
TN &TRO Series
PU & MA Series
TT2 Series
LP Series
FD Series
PPC Series
ACE Series